True act of kindness

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20180111 115539

Here at CDC NSW we thrive on great customer service and applaud our staff when they remind us how important it is to always serve our communities through exceptional customer service.

One of our customers wrote to us saying “It gave me pleasure to witness a true act of kindness by one of your drivers”

Naeem from Hillsbus Northmead Depot operated the 603 service from Knightsbridge Shops. On the 12th of January 2018 he received a compliment from a regular customer on board his bus who witnessed Naeem help a customer that needed assistance.

The customer wrote saying “This morning this bus driver realised one of his regular customers that needed assistance hadn’t arrived at the bus stop. Not only did the driver stop at the bus stop, he got out to see if this customer was walking to the bus stop. Once he saw this customer walking up, he waited patiently for her to board the bus and take a seat”.

Naeem you have shown great customer service here well done and thank you for your commitment.