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CDC NSW is a leading bus services company with a proven record of delivering excellent customer experiences in transport networks across New South Wales. To do this, we use our local knowledge combined with the expertise of our affiliates across Australia and the rest of the world.

Our aim is to be reliable and dependable as well as smart and innovative, in everything we do, for the benefit of our customers.

In New South Wales our brands are:


We employ over 2250 people and 1500 vehicles across New South Wales and approximately 4500 people and over 2800 vehicles across Australia. 


We invest in the community

We have a strong commitment to you, our customer, as well as our workforce and the communities we serve.

We demonstrate this commitment by reinvesting all profits from our Australian businesses back into our Australian assets and operations, to improve customer experiences and provide more opportunities for Australians.

Our commitment to investing in our local business, services and communities is something in which we all take great pride. 


We are focused on innovation

Our vision for an integrated transport future is measured and planned and combines numerous smart and innovative elements, to give you a better experience.

  • We have successfully implemented several On-Demand Bus services in the Sydney metropolitan area and in regional New South Wales and have made this an efficient and effective option.
  • We have rolled out telematics systems to our entire NSW fleet, to give our drivers feedback on their driving performance and give you a smoother ride.
  • We currently operate the industry’s most extensive Operations Customer Centre (OCC), which employs staff that monitor route conditions for safety and reliable on-time services.
  • Our ability to manage big data from our fleets means we understand the ways that you interact with transport services, so we can provide the appropriate levels of support to maintain service, while managing the various interruptions that happen on the road.
  • Our knowledge of managing electric vehicle (EV) fleets around the world – including on some of London’s busiest routes – means we can supply and run effective EV transport solutions here in Australia.
  • We are investing in a growing number of autonomous driver aids, such as the Mobileye advanced driver assistance system, which assists drivers in minimising traffic risks.
  • Globally we are at the forefront of trialling fully autonomous buses, including the fully operational 12-seat bus operating at the National University of Singapore.