Fares and Tickets

Opal Cards

Opal is a reusable travel card – it’s your ticket for trains, trams and buses in Sydney and many parts of regional NSW. To travel on public transport, customers need to buy an Opal card, top it up with credit and touch on and touch off at Opal readers to pay their fare.

You can buy your Opal card and top up at:

  • around 800 shops including all 7-Eleven stores
  • Opal machines at selected stations and stops
  • premium station ticket offices
  • Transport for NSW Hubs – transportnsw.info or by calling 131 500 (allow seven days for delivery of an Opal card and around 90 minutes for online top ups.)

Contactless & Linked Devices

Contactless payments are another way to pay for all public transport in the Opal network.

Use the same contactless card or device for all your travel all week to pay Adult Opal fares and to receive the same travel benefits of an Adult Opal card.

Tap on and off

On buses, you must tap on at the Opal card reader at the start of your journey and tap off at the Opal card reader at the end, just before you disembark from the bus. This ensures you have a valid ticket and pay the correct fare for your journey.

Register Online to Protect Your Card

You can choose to register online to protect your card. By registering your card online, you can:

  • secure your card’s balance if it’s lost or stolen
  • see the cost of your recent trips and balance
  • set Auto Top Up 
  • request a replacement card when yours expires every four years – manage multiple cards.

Be sure to keep your payment card separate to other contactless cards or devices, to avoid overpaying for your trip through ‘card clash’.

Concession Fares

You may be able to travel on a concession fare if you are a child, student or Australian senior. Other types of concessions are also available. Check if you’re eligible.

Always carry proof of eligibility.

School Passes

School bus passes are provided free of charge to eligible students via the School Student Transport Scheme. These passes can be obtained through your child’s school or via the Opal website. School students are required to tap on and off.