Providing Accessible Travel to Our Communities

At CDC NSW we believe that accessible public transport is integral to people’s lives. We recognise and respect the rights of all customers travelling with us and wish to contribute to their mobility and wellbeing as effectively as possible.

Our mission is to understand the ongoing needs of all our customers and take the right steps to alleviate any barriers for people with special access requirements.

Our commitment to providing accessible transport is based on understanding and managing the following elements:

  • Accommodating Customers’ Needs
  • An Accessible Fleet and Proactive Scheduling
  • Better Bus Stops
  • Mobility Aids and Assistance Animals
  • Accessible Workplaces and Hiring Practices
  • Compliance with all Federal and New South Wales Legislation Covering Transport Accessibility

For more information about our commitment to providing accessible transport, please see our Accessible Transport Charter.

Planning an Accessible Trip

You can plan an accessible trip by:

  • using the Trip Planner to show you which bus services have accessible features
  • looking for the wheelchair accessible symbol on printed bus timetables

On rare occasions, due to operational requirements, a non-accessible bus may be used to substitute accessible services.

When travelling with a mobility aid, be sure to read through the required mobility aids specifications for more information.

Travelling on Non-Accessible Buses

Wheelchair users can travel on non-accessible buses if they are able to leave their chairs and get on and off the bus with or without the help of a companion.

The wheelchair must be folded and stowed away to keep aisles clear and allow other passengers to enter and leave the bus.

If you require assistance or the ramp to board the bus, position yourself in a safe spot where the driver can see you when waiting at the bus stop.

Travelling With an Assistance Animal

Assistance animals, such as a Guide Dog, are permitted on our buses at all times. If you’d like your assistance animal to travel with you on public transport, you must have an accepted type of valid accreditation. Please display your Assistance Animal Permit when boarding the bus.   

The Assistance Animal Permit allows your animal to ride with you, free of charge on all our services. However, owners are still required to have a valid pass or ticket for travel.

People with assistance animals are encouraged to sit in the priority seating area near the front of the bus to help keep the aisles clear for the safety of themselves, their animals and other passengers. For more information about accessible bus transport, please see the Transport for NSW site.