NAIDOC at CDC NSW: A Commitment That Started In-House

2022 Naidoc Week Celebrations At CDC NSW

In 2021 we launched our Reconciliation Action Plan as a commitment to moving beyond just words to support quality access to opportunities for education, employment and social connection for all. 

In 2022 we are happy to achieve the goals we set 12 months ago. These two buses are just a visual example of CDC NSW’s commitment to the Traditional Custodians of the land our services reach and the First Nations People across NSW.  

2022 Naidoc Week Celebrations At CDC NSW

Kinchela bus: We proudly support our major partner Kinchela Boys Home Aboriginal Corporation, which works tirelessly to support the Stolen Generation Survivors and their descendants and share their stories with audiences across New South Wales with their Mobile Education Centre Bus. Our drivers enjoy driving their Mobile Education Centre Bus to engagements where the Kinchela Boys Home Uncles share their stories and messages of healing.  Our staff and management have developed a deeper understanding of the reconciliation process by experiencing their stories by the Kinchela Uncles 

2022 Naidoc Week Celebrations At CDC NSW

Yaama bus: Yaama means hello in Gamilaroi. We are very proud of this bus, which works as a Mobile Education Center as well as a Mobile Operations Control Center. Our talented workforce from CDC NSW Panel Shop and Head Office designed and worked in this special bus, that was just delivered this month.  

Our First Nation Liaison officer: Paul Bates joined our team in March this year to support the CDC NSW Diversity Inclusion Plan and Aboriginal Participation Plan, with a focus on encouraging Aboriginal participation in the workforce and supporting the development and implementation of policies, programs and practices that promote a diverse and inclusive workforce. 

Engagement with the Elderly: we have strengthened our connection with the Baabayn Aboriginal  Elders and community, as well as Blacktown aboriginal community members, in our region 4 influence area.  

First Nations Suppliers: we have incorporated in our procurement policy Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander objectives that in 2022 have been achieved. We have a long-range diversity of providers in the marketing, public relations, catering and cultural areas.  We have conducted a review of all items procured to identify potential First Nation’s partners and are working on implementing a National procurement contract for all printing, stationary and cleaning supplies through a Supply Nation certified partner as the first step in the journey to increase the level of business procured through First Nation’s enterprises.  

We continue promoting our RAP internally and externally, by acknowledging the Traditional Custodians of the land where our depots are located and recognising the countries on each of them. Our commitment to reconciliation is now taking on a greater significance within our global with 2022 seeing the launch of our National RAP initiatives.  

NAIDOC has been a meaningful opportunity to really connect to our internal and external stakeholders, by sharing the knowledge and culture of our First Nations and connecting to their roots.  

2023 will bring more achievements and we are thrilled to continue working on them.