CDC NSW Commits to More Than Naidoc Week

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While CDC NSW has plans in place to once again celebrate NAIDOC Week  (National Aboriginal and Islanders Day Observance Committee) this year, the company proudly continues their reconciliation journey through ongoing and various activities.

“We are committed to being a diverse workplace and supporting our local communities, in particular our Indigenous community,” CDC NSW First Nation Liaison Officer Paul Bates said. “So while we plan to proudly celebrate NAIDOC Week this year, we think it is important to do more.

“Over the last 12-months, we have achieved significant growth and development around our four Reconciliation Action Plan principles, which are relationships, respect, governance and opportunities.

“Our major achievements have been building, sustaining and maintaining reciprocal relationships with our local Aboriginal community-controlled organisations, Elders and young people.

“It has always been a goal at CDC NSW to increase employment and procurement opportunities for our First Nation people. CDC NSW has partnered with Aboriginal Employment Strategy Western Sydney and we have obtained two apprentices from this organisation with a strong view for more. We have also more than doubled our Indigenous full-time employees at CDCNSW and gained more Indigenous business partners.”

In 2021, CDC NSW launched their Reconciliation Action Plan as a commitment to moving beyond just words to support quality access to opportunities for education, employment and social connection for all.

And in 2022, CDC NSW launched two buses that are a visual example of CDC NSW’s commitment to the Traditional Custodians of the land their services reach and the First Nations People across NSW.

One of those buses was the Yaama Bus; a fully equipped 12.5-metre bus transformed by CDC into a mobile education centre and mobile operations centre and part of its purpose is to engage indigenous communities. Its indigenous artwork stands out from the crowd and it has become especially popular in the community, as CDC NSW highlights some of the recent engagements.

The Yaama Bus was put to work in January of this year when CDC NSW supported the Aboriginal Cultural Resource Centre Katoomba at their Annual Survival Day event by sponsoring a shuttle bus and providing the Yaama Bus for educational, recruitment and photo opportunities.

Then in February, CDC NSW was invited by Kimberwali to attend the Indigenous Rugby League All Stars event which was held in Western Sydney. CDC NSW took the Yaama Bus, which  provided many photo opportunities for players and the community.

In March, CDC NSW took the Yaama Bus to the Kimberwali Aboriginal Job Expo in Whalan and provided recruitment resources to the more than 500 people who attended the event.

Also in March, CDC NSW hosted the Western Sydney Aboriginal Men’s Group at the Foundry Road Depot to meet with CDC management and access a tour of the OOC control room before a lunch with all the staff.

The Yaama Bus has been a valuable fleet addition and will continue to be busy as CDC NSW ramps up their plans across NAIDOC Week in 2023, which includes celebrations in Dural, Valley Heights and Toronto.

NAIDOC Week will be held from 2-9 July this year and provides an opportunity to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.